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Executive Director – Kelley Carmichael Casey PsyD, CFRE

Kelley has spent more than a dozen years as a nonprofit executive director and many more in marketing/advertising and behavioral health. She brings to bear an arsenal of fundraising and communications strategies, techniques, best practices and resources. After ten years as National Executive Director and current Director Emeritus at SCRAP Creative Reuse, Kelley has vast national experience. She is passionate about increasing accessibility to professional fundraising support for small nonprofits. She is determined to close the gap of inequity for small nonprofits to access charitable dollars. Small nonprofits are typically unable to put into motion a full-service fundraising department and consultants are expensive. Kelley is a Certified Fundraising Executive and a Certified Nonprofit Technical Professional. She has bachelors degrees in Psychology, Theology, and Education, masters degrees in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She lives in Boulder CO with her jazz professor husband, 12 lb boy dog, and 20 lb girl cat.