This self-assessment is meant to assist you in making a quick evaluation of how much power your fundraising engine is giving you. There are no wrong answers! It will help you to identify areas where you could use fundraising assistance.

To score your points:

Choose 1 star = 1 point = Ugh!    Choose 5 stars = 5 points = Amazing!


How would you rate the support for and engagement in fundraising at your organization?
How well would you rate your donor loyalty and post-gift donor engagement efforts?
How are you doing in attracting new donors? Are you reaching your potential?
How well-prepared are you for writing competitive grant proposals?
Are your events reaching their potential in terms of dollars and sponsorships?
How would you rate your board's level of engagement and enthusiasm? How supportive are they of fundraising?
Do you have an annual fundraising plan that everyone agrees on? Are you coordinated and organized for each fundraising component?
How does your end-of-year campaign perform?
How would you rate your digital presence on social media? Your digital donation page? Is your website a tool that invites donors to give?
Are you building up your monthly giving base of your most loyal, caring donors?
Do you update your CRM regularly and use it to stay in touch with your fans?
How ready are you for a multi-channel fundraising campaign?